All About Me :)

Hi there fellow music lover!  

My name is Danielle Taylor and I'm a total California girl through and through :) I love the sunshine, the trendy weirdos at Starbucks and of course, the sea of highlighted hotties that line…

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2016 is OVER!

Holy Moly!! 2016 was an insane year! Looking back I played over 124 shows, drove over 20k miles, spent almost 400 hours driving, and met another 496 awesome fans! Not to mention the fact that I recorded a fancy new…Read more

It's Finally Here!!

Hoot hoot! My new CD '1440' is finally out and ready for your ears!! ❤️

I am seriously sooooo excited about this! It's 11 songs - all of which are bombdotcom in my totally unbiased opinion ? and…Read more

New Music in the Works!

So this is a quick three second blurb for those of you checking my site to let you know that I'm working on a new record!! Hoot hoot!! I'm sooooo excited! Stay tuned for more little llamas! ❤️


It's All About The Chase!

So I just finished filming my newest music video this past weekend. It was sooooo much fun! Tons of work, but really really fun!

The song is called, 'The Chase' and it's all about chasing dreams. I think too many…Read more